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How Much Is This ICO Listing Website Ignorance Costing You?

We will get your project in front of thousands of prospective investors, merchants, organizations and crypto lovers. It provides a huge benefit of anyone who wants to sell on the platforms we partner with and it also gives an excellent advantage for the advertising and marketing belonging to the product. The listing campaign is a mix of downloadable ads, social media marketing, email marketing plus a good approach .

ICObench: A decentralized marketplace in which you are able to get projects to back. CryptoKitties: Is a web app where you can boost money by buying kitties. Bounty0x: Offers bounties for a variety of tasks. Increase your token sale effectiveness. Your token sale is not really merely about collecting funds. You also need to give some thought to the results of the project of yours. You should make sure that every one of your efforts are well focused and that you know precisely how they will help your token sale to realize success.

ICO Description: A revolutionary solution to modernize the world’s economic climate by transforming every aspect into cryptocurrency. You are able to help make it even more specific if necessary. ICO URL. in case you have a site, and then you are able to point out that in the URL. For example, if you’ve a website, then the ICO URL will be something like this: You do not be forced to achieve that in case you don’t wish to. ICO Team. If you have some team members, you then must point out them.

But do not go overboard with the entire team section. Just be brief, but make sure to mention the founder, the CEO, the CTO, the COO, the advertising and marketing person, the PR person, the technical person, and the community manager. When you are able to find an image of them, and then you can put it. What is the price of listing on every exchange? Mentioned on an exchange is a significant improvement to a project’s visibility, brand recognition, and then market size.

Exchanges are charged in accordance with the amount traded. Cryptopia charges 0.1 % per trade for its listing program. The costs vary between each exchange based on whatever they cost monthly. Our teams are well aware of every exchange and have done lots of investigation into its fees and also listing price, we manage all for our partners and have been performing it for a long time. For example, here are some of the most notable platforms and message boards for ICOs: ICO Portal: Offers information on ICOs along with a platform to host the projects of yours.

Bitcointalk: Is one of the biggest and most active blockchain forums. You can get in touch with individuals by creating a topic on the platform. If I just want to list the project of mine one exchange, that you are required to I list it on? You’ve to select the one that offers you the highest benefits, primarily based on your project requirements, industry interest, product and more. We will work along with you to propose likely the greatest exchange that you should list on.

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